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Is Growing Tobacco Illegal?

Posted by admin | Posted in Growing Tobacco | Posted on 01-08-2011

Technically speaking, it is not illegal to grow tobacco. In fact, the practice of growing tobacco inside homes and gardens is widely accepted in most nations. It is done in the U.S., Australia, China, Brazil, and India. It could be legal where you are too.

While growing tobacco for personal use is normally a let go case, growing them for commercial purposes is strictly regulated in all countries. Producing tobacco in large quantities to be sold in the market requires license from the government.

The government implements rules against tobacco manufacturing to be sure that market doesn’t have too many cigars than it needs. The move is also done to prohibit the illegal trade of tobacco across countries. Tobacco is hot merchandise and can be addictive. This is why the government of most nations is doing its best to regulate its sale.

In Malta and in Italy, home growers of tobacco need a license from their respective government agriculture agencies. Some countries totally restrict the growing of tobacco in homes. Check with your local officials to be sure.

Growing tobacco in your home has its advantages, especially if you’re an avid smoker. By preparing your own smoke, you can be sure that you get only quality leaves and at half the cost in the market. Cigars grown lovingly in your garden are guaranteed to taste so much better than the ones bought at convenience stores. People who have a distinct love for tobacco are advised to try growing their own rolls right from their backyard.


  1. I think growing your own tobacco is a good idea. But I know people who have gotten in trouble for the rolling papers. The police say it is drug parafenelia. So how do we get around that one?

  2. Hey Mary,

    Rolling papers are in and of themselves NOT drug paraphernalia. That’s why you can buy them at most convenience stores. If questioned about them tell police they are for your legal tobacco and you should not have a problem.

  3. Mary, buy papers like Bugler, Top, Drum or American Spirit. Do not buy Zig-Zag, Joker, etc. Zig Zag & Joker are mainly for pot smokers, and as such, they collect a lot of the smoke as resin. This is useful for pot smokers, who want all the THC they can get, but it’s probably not what you want for tobacco.

    Bugler, Top, Drum, American Spirit are all made for tobacco. They will burn cleanly, just like a pre-made cigarette paper would.

  4. But coincidentally Zig-Zag sells a pretty good tobacco. I use zig-zag tobacco and top papers. Top papers only because I bought a little top roller and top papers are the only ones that fit, the others are too long. Having tried several different kinds of papers over the years, for various reasons, they all seem the same to me, except of course for the flavored ones.

  5. its been nearly 3 weeks since the seeds sprouted but they are only 1/4 to3/8” in height. is this normal? ive followed all instructions to the letter and water daily with miracle grow and water and keep them in the sun all day. please help me as i am new to tobacco growing.

  6. Here is the law in FL on cigarettes. I read it as if you roll a cigarette for yourself or someone else, you are technically responsible for paying the state a tax. There is no exemption for personal use that I can see and as you can see, the MERE POSSESSION of a cigarette without the taxes paid is illegal. Sad but true what we have come to.

    210.02 Cigarette tax imposed; collection.
    (1) An excise or privilege tax, in addition to all other taxes of every kind imposed by law, is imposed upon the sale, receipt, purchase, possession, consumption, handling, distribution, and use of cigarettes in this state, in the following amounts, except as hereinafter otherwise provided, for cigarettes of standard dimensions:

  7. can anyone tell me if its ilegal to grow tabacco for personal use in Australia and can i purchase seeds from overseas suppliers

  8. Well ur right about the rolling papers but they do make filters&tubes with no tobacco packed in it, they uselly cost 15-20$ for 200 of them, u have alittle device that u put at the end of the tube and u pack ur tobacco in the device and it will push the tobacco into the tube/filter, not really hard to use, and look like a reg old cig but with ur grown tobacco or if u buy a can from the store which is cheap too and saves u from buying cartons of premade cigs

  9. Steve:

    “(1) An excise or privilege tax, in addition to all other taxes of every kind imposed by law, is imposed upon the sale, receipt, purchase, possession, consumption, handling, distribution, and use of cigarettes in this state, in the following amounts, except as hereinafter otherwise provided, for cigarettes of standard dimensions:”

    except as hereinafter otherwise provided, for cigarettes of standard dimensions:

    Only if it is in the quantities which are following thereafter, this does not appear to apply to “cigarettes of standard dimensions” or am I reading it wrong?

  10. http://ato.gov.au/onlineservices/content.asp?doc=/content/00184278.htm&pc=001/003/095/005/013&mnu=&mfp=&st=&cy=1

    You need an excise license and a commercial arrnagement for sale to an authorised buyer, the Australian tobacco industry ended in 2006 because the ATO stopped issuing excise licenses. While technically not illegal, the fact that it’s illegal without the license means that it effectivley is. I had a schoolfriend who’s dad got his shed searched because somebody dobbed him in for growing two pot plants. They also found one tobacco plant and he ended up getting a higher penalty for the tobacco than the pot.

  11. Dont worry Steve, You only have to pay the tax in Florida if you sell it. Personal use and giving it to friends is OK. FL 210.02(6) This surcharge shall be paid by the dealer to the division for deposit and distribution as hereinafter provided upon the first sale or transaction within the state, whether such sale or transfer is to the ultimate purchaser or consumer.
    Joe Dromedary, Esquire

  12. how do u know when the cigs r ready for pickin.how long befor they turn super king .

  13. Its a lot easyer to convince the police your papers are for tobacco if you have the tobacco with you.

  14. how long does it take from germination stages all the way to smoking stages?
    i was wondering as i was told once before, that it could take years, i am insterested in growing but i would like to know overall the time it takes until you can smoke it.

  15. why are some people worried about the legality of cigarettes ? Cigarettes are legal period if you have to pay a tax to grow it then pay it and be done with it. You’ll still save money despite the government evil attempt to tax everything and anything.

  16. It is totally illegal to grow tobacco in Australia for personal use.

    Here’s the legal info.

  17. Joe: it is fully legal!!!!!

  18. You lost all credibility with me when you stated, “The government implements rules against tobacco manufacturing to be sure that market doesn’t have too many cigars than it needs.” ROFL.

  19. Be aware also, though, of the federal regulations. The BATF allows for 25 plants per person or a maximum of 50 plants per household.
    As far as Steve’s “Florida Law” goes…it’s not a cigarette…it’s a small handrolled loose leaf paper wrapped cigar….from across the state line.
    But I’d have to read the rest of that particular law before I gave it any credit. A good lawyer could slap that one down.

    Robert, a 1/2″ in 3 weeks doesn’t seem like much, but if they’re warm with plenty of sun, and not over watered they start up fast. The first time I grew tobacco they started slow…then to could actually watch them growing - I swear! Several inches a day. Tobacco is in the same family as tomatoes are and can grow about the same speed.

    Good luck all!

  20. can anyone plz inform me that by whom nd from where i can get tobacco seeds ?

  21. hi my haubby and ex partner both smoke the recent price hike by govt is making us consider growing it ag oursevles we have the seds its the cureing kit stufff we need. were can u get the cemicals used for curing tabbacoleaves can any be sorced from the pantry as our budget is really tight prefer local nz suppliers if any pls & tu

  22. Hey Mary ,don’t listen to charles the reason you would buy bugler A Spirit topp etc.. is because they aren’t (associated ) with pot smoking they are in fact the exact same thing as zig zag.They are however a little thicker the reason pot smokers do not use bugler topps etc… is because they want to smoke less carcinogen and toxins found in the (paper) and on the adhesive.The so called pot smokers papers are simply thinner therefore it looks all coated with tar and buglers do not same tar just buglers are thicker therefore they do not soak through as quickly.There are papers made from everything from rice to pulp so smoke what you like cigarrete papers are not paraphanellia unless they are found WITH an illegal substance.For the life of me I do not understand why someone wouldWANT TO START smoking cigaretts.If you do might I suggest AmericanSpirit organic cigarettes.At least they do not spray poison on them to increase yields with no concern for consumers.They do not add poison to the tobacco in the cigarrete production.You will also notice that once you know what (real pure tobacco) looks and taste like you will realize that the commercial cigs ,marl, kool,camel etc etc… Is not really much like tobacco at all.

  23. These laws ( bewildering are they not?) Is it ok to grow- for your own personal WITHOUT breaking the law in the UK?

  24. Is it legal in greece too does someone know please?

  25. You guys… First of all no one can tell me that any brand rolling papper is for weed. i have used almost every type of papper there is to roll both, and i must say that they all work just fine either way. also, i have been growing tobacco in my front yard for three years now. I have police friends who would laugh if someone got arrested for growing tobacco. personally, i wouldn’t care either way; since i also grow other less open minded plants. My advise to all of you is to stick it to the man and grow what ever the hell you want, life is short.

  26. what is wrong with you people , it’s poison get a hold of yourself what’s so good about it anyway

  27. what about ohio whats the laws

  28. we need to know if growing tobacco in bay county florida is legal.if so,where do we purchase tobacco seed?

  29. @ Joe. It is illegal to grow tobacco in queensland or any state of Australia. Thats not saying you can’t do it :). e-bay is the site to look for seeds

  30. um. steve. you are right, but fail to realize not all tobacco has to be rolled to smoke. and to John…Zig-Zags are the original cigarette rolling papers. invented by some french soldier. they are thinner and better burning than Tops or bugler by a long shot, and your info on why one would roll pot in one kind of paper is complete lunacy. stick to the tobacco topics that you seem to have a slim grasp on and leave the rest you have no idea about out of your conversations because it makes you sound ignorant.

  31. How can I get some tobacco seeds and directions for growing> Send to [email protected]

  32. This site would be a great source to find out if tobacco growing is illegal in certain parts of the country. We all should find out if our local authorties allow it and post it here

  33. Just grow it, ask forgiveness later…

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