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How To Grow Tobacco

Posted by admin | Posted in Grow Roll Smoke, Growing Tobacco | Posted on 17-08-2008

Tobacco can easily be grown inside your garden. If you would like to try growing tobacco for your own personal use, follow the simple steps below:

1. Choose a soil
Tobacco grows well on well-drained soil and where it’s sunny. Poor choice of soil would lead to the withering and dying of the plant. It is also important to choose a spot where there is no insect or pest infestation.

2. Get quality seeds
Tobacco seeds and transplants can be obtained primarily from places where tobacco is widely grown. If you’re not near such place, you might need to order tobacco seeds over the mail or the internet. Get good commercial varieties for best value.

3. Plant the seeds
Transplant tobacco seeds like you would any other plant in your garden. Remove all debris from the soil and bury the seeds on the surface of the soil. Bed the soil for drainage. Plant the seeds in rows about 24 inches apart.

4. Fertilize
Tobacco needs fertilizers to go rapidly and robustly. There are special fertilizers for this plant. But in their absence, you can use the ones for tomato or pepper. Do not over-fertilize as the results will be less than desirable. However, if you want organic tobacco, you can skip this step. Don’t use pesticides in them either.

5. Remove tops and suckers
The tobacco’s terminal bud or tops should be removed so that the upper leaves will get thicker and larger. Remove the buds before they open. Remove the suckers or axillary buds on the leaves if they grow to an inch or more.

6. Harvest and Cure
When the tobacco plant has leaves old and big enough to make some smoke, it’s time to harvest. Curing may take some time to achieve the best taste.

For more detailed instructions on how to grow tobacco, please refer to the “Grow Roll Smoke” eBook.

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  1. My Burley tobacco is brown and in the drying stage. It has some white chalky spots on some leaves. Should I be alarmed ??? What is it ???? How do I avoid the condition ????

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