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Advantages Of Growing Your Own Tobacco

Posted by admin | Posted in Growing Tobacco | Posted on 25-07-2011

You may be pleasantly surprised that there are some advantages in choosing to grow your own tobacco. It is a well-known fact that we are all accustomed to hearing the many negative aspects that tobacco can cause us, but what are some of the benefits you can receive from growing your own tobacco?

If you are the type of person that enjoys a beautifully landscaped yard, you will find that growing your own tobacco plants can be one of the most beautiful plants to be grown. There is a wide selection of many varieties that are available that will produce wonderful blooms that will look great in any landscaping design. The lush green foliage that tobacco plants produce is also pleasing to look at.

You just might be amazed at the large amounts of money that can be saved when you decide to grow your own tobacco plant. Not only yourself, but your entire family as well, can take advantage of rolling your own cigarettes from the tobacco that is grown on the plants. Tobacco is something we all know gets more expensive by what seems like every minute.

You can take advantage, just like many other individuals, in taking these advantages into consideration if you would like to try growing your own tobacco.

·No harsh or dangerous chemicals will be added
·Beautiful blooms of the plants offer gorgeous landscape designs
·Large amounts of money will be saved, compared to purchasing tobacco in stores


  1. Now those marijuana gardeners have another revenue
    source? congrats dem’s you’v just created a monster..
    (cartels must be going nuts?)
    impeach congress now!

  2. Im gonna landscape my whole darn yard with it! Florida just put another dollar tax on the crappy smokes I use.
    I’ll make my yard a freakin tobaccoo FARM. To hell with these tax mongers.

  3. Johny, Johny, Johny…
    Why did you insert ‘dems’ in your post? All in congress (dems and repubs) want the extreme proceeds that come into the government coffers from the crazy, punitive taxation on cigarettes and even whole leaf tobacco. Look at my post in the section “Is growing tobacco legal”. The feds and the states (dems and repubs) are rolling in the cigarette tax cash that they can now waste. I saw a pack of Marlboros sell for $6.20 in J’ville FL in August 2009.

  4. I have white chalky spots on my hanging burley tobacco, should Ibe alarmed ???

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  6. Dear sirs,
    Congradualation for your informative web-site. I do appreciate your efforts for your useful information. Our office is going to start the production of honey-flavored tobacco. I was wondering if you could tell us more about the production, ingredients, mixing and formulas of this kind of tobacco. We are looking forward for your detailed and sufficient response.

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    Habib Moazedi
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  7. Johnypaycut is a damnfool.

  8. Hey, when is the best time of year to plant tobacco?

  9. As of now(2/26/11) the price is $12.00 per pack in N.Y.
    This is known as Taxation W/O representation in my book! These A Holes are in for a Fight to the Bitter End!
    I’m planning My Victory Garden right NOW!!

  10. Where can someone purchase the seeds at that are needed to start growing your own tabacco?

  11. @Steve …. I wish Marlboro’s were still 6.20 a pack ……

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